Team Awesome HD For Armv6

Merupakan Game dimana kita mengendalikan si super hero... seruuu

Team Awesome

Get Awesome with Team Awesome!!
They were just four ordinary people, stuck in four dead-end jobs - until one day a mysterious meteor crashed to earth and made everything... AWESOME! Get ready for the explosive new side-scrolling arcade game from the Edis Brothers… Team Awesome!
It's the game with everything: aliens, robots, explosions, cats, trains, trucks, and shiny gold coins... lots of shiny gold coins! More cats, hover cars, hover boards, fruit bowls, brick walls, wrecking balls, a crazy dentist, soccer games and coffee? Giant toxic spiders, fires, cross dressing, break dancing, pizzas, donuts, guys in giant toilets, pool toys, ufos, and even more cats!
…oh, and one dog.
Get Awesome with Team Awesome!!!
- 120 goals/missions
- 40 episodes
- 6 upgradeable power-ups
- 4 awesome heroes, each with their own special ability & backstory
- 4 Super-villains to defeat
- Destructible environments and objects
- Simple one-touch controls
- Combine objects for multi-stage missions, e.g. smash bank robbers and return the money to the bank
- Cinematic cameras - looks like an action movie!
- Wacky humor and hidden surprises
- Quick fix, bite-sized gaming
- In-game narration by videogame voice legend Jon St John!!

Compatible With ARMv6 Devices :

  • HTC Salsa
  • HTC Tattoo
  • HTC Wildfire
  • HTC Wildfire A333
  • HTC Wildfire S
  • Huawei Ideos U8150
  • Huawei Ideos X1
  • Huawei Ideos X3 
  • Huawei M835
  • Huawei M865
  • Huawei Sonic U8650
  • Huawei U8100
  • Huawei U8300
  • Huawei U8500LG Optimus (LG GT540)
  • LG Optimus Chat (C550)
  • LG Optimus Chic (E720)
  • LG Optimus Hub (LG E510, Univa)
  • LG Optimus Link (P690, Optimus Net)
  • LG Optimus Link Dual Sim (P698)
  • LG Optimus M (MS690)
  • LG Optimus Me (P350, Pecan)
  • LG Optimus Net (P690, Optimus Link)
  • LG Optimus One (P500, P509, Optimus T, Thrive, Phoenix)
  • LG Optimus Pro (C660)
  • LG Optimus S (LS670)
  • LG Optimus T (P509)
  • LG Optimus V (VM670)
  • Motorola Backflip (Motus, MB300, ME600)
  • Motorola Citrus (WX445)
  • Motorola Cliq (Morrison, MB200)
  • Motorola CLIQ XT (MB501)
  • Samsung GT-B7350 WiTu Pro
  • Samsung GT-B7510 Galaxy Pro
  • Samsung GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani
  • Samsung GT-i5500 Galaxy 5 (Corby, Galaxy Europa)
  • Samsung GT-i5510 Galaxy 551
  • Samsung GT-i5700 Galaxy Spica (Galaxy Lite, Galaxy Portal)
  • Samsung GT-i5800 Galaxy 580 (Galaxy 3, Galaxy Teos)
  • Samsung GT-i5801 Galaxy Apollo (Galaxy Naos)
  • Samsung GT-i6500U (Saturn, Galaxy)
  • Samsung GT-i7500 Galaxy
  • Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
  • Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y (Galaxy Young)
  • Samsung GT-S5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos
  • Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini (Galaxy Pop, Tass)
  • Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio
  • Samsung GT-S5670 Galaxy Fit
  • Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung GT-S6102 Galaxy Y Duos
  • Sony Ericsson W8 Walkman
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X8(X8i, Shakira, E15i)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini (Robyn, E10i)
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro (U20i, Mimmi)

And High End Android devices

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11 Responses to "Team Awesome HD For Armv6"

  1. Gan yg di download 22nya atau salahsatu

  2. Gan ini yg data apa yg d google store download nya?

  3. @ goyang pinggul
    salah satu
    mini lancar
    @ Anonim
    terserah agan...

  4. gmna si cara ny nginstl game bola terutama pes kok tiap kali download kok gak bisa di mainn tolng y gan carany

  5. Febri ryan :
    Klo mau download pes jangan cuma apk nya aja tapi harus file nya uga..
    Terdiri dari :
    -asset loader
    -log dll
    Tanpa ini apknya ga akan berjalan.
    Pess bisa berjalan dgn baik di galaxy series.

  6. Perlu di root lgi ga gan ?


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